Chicken Tortilla Soup

My husband and I have an extreme love of Mexican food. I also like food that doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare, especially during the week. Chicken Tortilla soup falls into both of these categories. It’s something you can make right after work and if you have any left over, you can freeze it. I came across the recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s website (love her!) and it has now become a dinner staple.


Here is everything you need. I didn’t use chicken because my husband was eating this as well but it was still very filling.

The only spices you will need.

onions soup2cilantro 2 cilantro

Tip: If you buy a lot of cilantro cut it up and place it in an ice cube tray and fill with water. After it freezes you will have individual portions that you can add to soups, stews etc. And it keeps it from going bad!
in soup tortilla

Unfortunately I only had flour tortillas. But they still turned out crispy.
fried stripsThey look like little french fries.


I added the tortilla strips and cheese but you can top it with sour cream, avocado. The possibilities are endless.

outsideWhat a great end to a not so great day. Curled up with my soup, my Hunni and a movie. What do you do on a snow day?