Hot Yoga Necessities

treatAs with anything new there are certain things you need to have in order to be successful. Each new school year calls for books, pens, book-bags and (of course) electronics. I’m notorious for buying workout clothes, gym bags, water bottles etc. then only working out once or twice a week. (clearly they weren’t that motivational)

My hunni finally told me I couldn’t buy anything new until I’d been working out consistently for a while. Lucky for me this rule doesn’t apply to hot yoga. Below are a few necessities to have a successful hot yoga practice.


1. Yoga Mat

This doesn’t have to be a $60 mat with an inspirational quote and extra thick padding. The basic blue $15 mat from Target is fine. I recently discovered a Pilates mat isn’t long enough so that won’t work either. (sorry ladies)

2. Water Bottle

Of course you can grab a bottle of water from the gas station on the way to class, but in a room that’s 100 degrees it’s going to get hot fast. Plus you’ll be sweaty and the thin plastic will slide through your fingers like last night’s Taco Bell. I use a glass bottle  with a hot pink grip which I love!

You need to have water, no exceptions. By the end this will be you. I promise.


3. Towel

There are these magical creatures in the yoga world who don’t slip and slide on their yoga mat. They are fitness unicorns. I am not one of them. I sweat like crazii during regular yoga so I always have a towel for my mat. But the towels are as expensive if not more expensive than the mats so a beach towel would work fine for the first few classes.

4. Hand Towel

This is right up there with the water bottle. Trust me. If the class is full you’re going to sweat waaay more than if there were only 10 people in there. Sweat will roll down your arms, legs, in your eyes… Everywhere. You could do a throwback to the 80s and wear a sweatband but I prefer a towel. A simple hand towel is fine. A face cloth/ wash rag is too small and anything larger will just get in the way. I recommend a cotton one because it soaks up the sweat. Nothing fancy, just grab it off the rack in your bathroom.

Everything else, the cute tank tops, blocks, straps etc. are just icing on the cake. Personally, I wear cut up t-shirts from highschool and black capris.

What are your workout necessities?




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