Is It Hot in Here?

affordAir so thick it feels like a wet blanket, deep breathing in through your nose and out your mouth, beads of sweat glistening like tiny diamonds on your forehead. This could be just an average night in South Georgia but no. It’s hot yoga.

I recently attended my first class 2 weeks ago. I remember back when it was THE workout and I thought ” Why would anyone want to workout in 125 degrees?” It’s like being in a freaking greenhouse. But now that I live in a place where it gets down to -32 and below (with wind chill) I look forward to being shut up in a hot room like a baked potato.

There are many benefits to hot yoga but my main ones are:

  • I get a deeper stretch
  • I’m able to do (and hold) poses I never thought I could

yoThe only reason I got my fallen angel pose was because I’d been taking hot yoga classes. And then it was only for a week! It’s a great feeling, getting stronger and seeing results.

People say it releases toxins and clears your pores which is great but that’s not why I do it. It can be a great,but intense, workout if you have an instructor who goes fast. Last Friday I think ours was trying to kill us! We were doing push ups and side plank series. I was hooked after that.

If you have a gym or yoga studio that offers it, give the class a try. Let me know what you think in the comments and please make sure your feet are properly groomed.  There’s nothing worse than being in Warrior III and someone’s foot looks like a snake shedding its skin. (true story)



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