Find Your Passion

compassValentine’s Day is all about love. Greeting cards feature animals gazing into each other’s eyes or sexual innuendos buried in a flurry of pink hearts and cartoon lettering. Couples whisper sweet nothings as they cuddle up next to each other in restaurants. Candy hearts confess our love in pastel colors. Stuffed animals suddenly become an acceptable gift for people over the age of twelve.

On February 14 the whole world is in love with love, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to discuss passion. No, not the feeling between two people that is sometimes confused with love. I mean the feeling you have when you’ve found your calling. When you’ve found something you’d be happy doing for the rest of your life. George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel put it best, “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.” As graduation nears are you still unsure what your college major will be? Did you recently quit or get fired from your job and aren’t sure of your next move? Are you just looking for a change? Take a step back and discover what drives you. If you are passionate about something you should wake up every morning happy to go to work. Even if you didn’t get paid, you would still be willing to do it. That is the mark of true passion.

Use these tips to help discover what you’re passionate about.

1. What did you like to do as a child?
Draw, color, write? Can that be translated into a career?
2. List all the things you love about your job/school vs the things you hate.
Do you like writing papers? Do you cringe every time the phone rings at work? These are clues for discovering your passion. Create this list over the course of a week. Your answers could surprise you.
3. Make a list of things you like to do.
Ex: Do you like giving people advice? Do you find yourself constantly volunteering to cook for events?
4. Ask 10 people what is most inspiring about you.
Do any of the same words crop up? (My word was driven.)
5. What is one thing you like that is controversial?
Maybe it’s a human rights issue or something as simple as wearing socks with sandals. Not everyone is going to like your major or chosen career path. You need to be able to defend your choice.
6. When are you the happiest?
Is it when you’re in front of a group of people or flying at 30,000 feet?

Finding your passion isn’t always easy. We are used to trying to please others or do things that are considered socially acceptable. You have to search deep inside yourself. No matter what you discover your passion to be, pursue it as soon as possible.

In the infamous words of Mufasa from the Lion King:

remember 2

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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