Open Your Heart


Valentine’s Day is this weekend! (As if you needed another reminder) And even if you don’t have someone to celebrate with there are still ways for you to get in on the love.

It may be marketed as such but this day doesn’t just have to be about couples or who gets flowers delivered to the office. (personally I find this embarrassing, which is probably why I never get flowers) Use this day to love yourself. Spa day! Or love others. Send a friend a card. Or as a time to open yourself up to love (remember that Sex and the City episode?) Maybe you went through a bad breakup. Use this day to work on getting yourself back out there. Whatever you choose to do I hope you enjoy yourself.

In honor of this “holiday” I’ve put together some heart opening yoga poses. Give them a try and don’t forget to breathe!

IMG_4674 Wild Thingcamel

Camel -this is a variation. Lean back and try to grab both heels before attempting this one. Like this IMG_4754

image (22)Dancer- sorry about the crappy quality. iPads are not the best for photos

IMG_4637Side Plank- if you can’t lift your arm up try wrapping it behind you, thinking about keeping your chest open.




IMG_4732Cow Pose- not to be confused with the second one

IMG_4647Cow Face

legHand to Big Toe

kingOne Legged Pigeon

Follow me on Instagram @step_onmyknee to see more of my poses. Which one is your favorite? Comment below!




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