Romantic Movies

aweFebruary is the month of love. It’s splattered all over the stores and social media channels like pastel pink paint. We are bombard with bouquets of flowers at every turn. Nothing says I love you like a dozen red roses. And you know it hasn’t really happened until a picture is posted on Facebook.

Valentine’s Day is, if you’re alone, known as singles awareness day. I get to experience both. (lucky me) I love when people ask if my husband and I are doing anything special and I kindly inform them he’ll be gone for the next six months. I probably won’t even “see” aka Skype him that day. Most likely I’ll spend the day curled up watching romantic movies and indulging in foods I shouldn’t be eating. Happy day of love… to myself. If you’re like me and don’t have a significant other, a dinner date, or someone you call when you’re lonely * wink,wink * here are some good movies to watch.

*Warning: There are no chick flicks in this list


1. Lars and the Real Girl


2. Something’s Gotta Givemand


3. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin


4. Beyond Borders


5. Atonement


6. Liberal Artssin

7. Original Sincrowne

8. The Thomas Crowne Affairplay

9. Silver Linings Playbookad

10. Adore (if you’re easily offended I wouldn’t watch this)

What movies put you in a romantic mood?



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