February Yoga Challenge

yoga2Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Today is the day of chicken wings, beer, and commercials. Unfortunately, in this digital era, land of one uppingness (yes I made that up), companies are “leaking” their commercials early. I remember a few years ago I had to write a paper on the Super Bowl commericals for a marketing class. So while everyone else was enjoying themselves I was glued to the tv like it was the actual game. No one could change the channel. I even remember shhh-ing someone because I couldn’t hear. Nowadays I could have written my paper the Friday before and been free to drink and stuff myself senseless like everyone else. I’m partially excited about the half time show. Not just because it’s Katy Perry and she puts on a good performance but the FCC had finally put the Janet incident behind them.I’m all for oldies but seriously!?!? Some past performers looked like they were about to keel over on stage. (now that would have made an interesting show)

But today is not just the Super Bowl. It’s Feb 1. The start of a new month and a new IG yoga challenge. I’ve done a few of these in the past and it’s a lot of fun. Because I’m a psycho I’ve decided to participate in two.

The first one I was tagged in by a friend and it only goes until Feb 14. This is great for beginners or people who have never done an Instagram challenge before. The poses are relatively easy. Number 14 scares me because your face is resting on the floor. I keep having visions of falling and knocking the clot out of my jaw where a wisdom tooth used to be. (great visual)

*If you start today make sure to tag @rebelaffair in every photo for a chance to win a pair of their leggings.

loveThe second one is all month long. The poses aren’t that difficult so everyone can join in.


Follow me on Instagram @step_onmyknee to see my poses and make sure to tag me in yours. I’d love to meet some fellow yogis!




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