One Song Workout

offI don’t know about you but I have a hard time listening to full length songs when I workout. There’s either a part I don’t like or it slows down in the middle (which throws off my groove) and I end up stopping to flick to another song. But I may have found something to change all of that.

Over the holidays I heard about something called the 1 song workout. You complete an entire circuit during one song (and one song only *in my Will Ferrell voice*) If you pick 5 songs that’s roughly 15 minutes. Do that twice a day and you’ll get in a full workout! It helps keep you motivated and focused because you only have a limited amount of time. These workouts can be done in the gym or at home. (Dance party anyone?) You may even find yourself busting out a few moves in the car if your song comes on the radio.

Here are some to get you started courtesy of BuzzFeed

I love it


can't hold us


What song gets you pumped up at the gym?



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