Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

listWe’re 2 weeks into into the new year! I’m sure your new years resolutions are going strong. Unless you’re like me and haven’t started them yet. (I have a good reason I swear!) But once the newness and excitement wear off, you realize you hate juicing (who has the time) and you dread the trek to the gym, how are you going to keep these resolutions from falling to the wayside? Don’t put it off for another year! Follow these tips and you’ll be checking off your goals in no time!

  • Be realistic

If one of your resolutions is to quit smoking it’s not going to happen over night. Start small by decreasing the amount of cigarettes you smoke over time. Before you know it you’ll be cigarette free! This makes it easier to see how much progress you’ve made and it’s less of a shock to your body.

  • Plan Ahead

Depending on when you want to start your resolutions you should already have a plan in place. I recommend starting after New Years Day because who has time to plan with all the parties and that huge holiday hangover? By having a plan in place you are more likely to follow through and you’ll have a road map to success. Plus, if you do fall off the wagon it’s easy to pick up where you left off.

  • Figure out how long it’s going to take to achieve your goals.

The bigger the goal the larger the time frame. For example,if you want to start going back to school give yourself two months to apply. (This includes the time spent researching schools.) Make sure your time frame is realistic and accounts for events that crop up which are beyond your control.

  • Track your Progress

This is very important. Tracking your progress will keep you focused. It also provides additional motivation because you can see how far you’ve come.

  • Be patient

Remember that age old saying Rome wasn’t built in a day? Well neither are new years resolutions. You aren’t going to become a healthy, non-smoking gym rat who does yoga overnight. Good things take time so give yourself a break.

  • Reward Yourself

Set mini milestones then reward yourself. Rewards don’t have to be related to your goals. If you’ve been dying to try a new coffee shop or watch a show on Netflix use that as a reward for going to the gym two months in a row.
Everyone makes new years resolutions. This year be someone who actually keeps theirs.

How do you stay on track? Planner? Google Calendar? Tell me in the comments below.



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