My Netflix Picks


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ll know I had my wisdom teeth taken out over the holidays. It was a fast procedure (1 hour) but the recovery period is slow. Think turtles stampeding through peanut butter. My face is still swollen, I can hardly open my mouth, and it feels like someone kicked me in the face. Basically my life consists of liquids and pain pills. (isn’t Kate Moss on that diet)

On the plus side my mom came up to take care of me (hooray for clean dishes) and I’ve had a lot of time to watch Netflix. I have a very hard time relaxing. My definition of relaxing is watching tv, texting with the occasional snapchat while writing a grocery list. It drives my hunni crazii. But ever since Friday I count down the hours until I can sit down with an ice pack held up to my face and stare at the tv through hooded eyes. I’ve discovered some good movies and tv shows over the past few days so if you ever have some time to kill or are recovering from surgery, get comfy grab some snacks and give these titles a try. (I don’t have cable so all of these can be found on Netflix.)


  1. Bernie (slow but the ending is worth it)
  2. Wolf of Wallstreet (so…much…nudity)
  3. Ragnarok (English subtitles)
  4. Salem
  5. The Intouchables (English subtitles)
  6. The Paperboy
  7. Evita
  8. Side Effects
  9. Advanced Style
  10. Bobs Burgers
  11. Dream House
  12. Lost
  13. Silver Linings Playbook
  14. Netflix Borgia

What do you watch when you’re trying to relax? Let me know below!



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