Christmas Traditions- Blogmas 10

pizzaWhen I was younger we had a very English Christmas. Yorkshire puddings, roasted potatoes (my fav), and lots of gravy. We also had Christmas crackers. The jokes inside were ridiculous but usually made me laugh. As we all sat there in our brightly colored paper hats I can only hope that one day my family will have that same joyous feeling.

But for now my hunni and I are starting our own tradition. The holidays have always been stressful for us, mainly because my hunni has been overseas. Luckily he’s been able to come back “home” for the holidays but that means splitting the time with me or our time together between both sets of parents. We also lose a lot of time traveling.

I remember one year he was stationed in Japan and I got to spend Christmas Day with him but I had to fly to Germany…from England. (I was spending the holidays with my grandparents) It was hard because I hadn’t seen him in a year and a half but I had to share him with his family.

Anyway, this year we decided it was just going to be us. Our new Christmas tradition is, instead of cooking a typical holiday meal we are having pizza and chicken wings. This may seem strange so let me explain. We have both always been healthy eaters. Turkey is one of my hunni’s staple foods. We very rarely eat pizza. I don’t at all anymore. (grain-free) So it’s a special meal for us. Plus it’s super quick to prepare. We are going to eat pizza, drink wine and watch movies. (My pizza will have a cauliflower crust…naturally)

I’d love to hear about your traditions new or old. Comment below!




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