All I Want for Christmas Blogmas 8


As an “adult” I’ve been deemed hard to shop for. Often times I’m not even asked what I want for Christmas anymore (Aside from my mom and husband, thanks guys!) I usually end up being my own Santa Clause but this year I’ve decided to make a list and hopefully some of these will be under the tree.

  1. I live in blanket cardigans.They add warmth without being super bulky and are great to take on a plane.
  2. It’s no secret I’m addicted to coffee. This coffee bean grinder would be a great addition to my coffee paraphernalia and let’s be honest, what’s better than the smell of fresh ground coffee brewing? 
  3. I need a planner to keep my life together. I love that this one has cute pictures on the holidays. 
  4. I love this nail bracelet. It makes a subtle sophisticated statement. (Say that 5 times fast)
  5. I like the way aviators frame  my face. They give a lot of coverage without adding too much weight to my face. The mirrored lenses are great too in case you shoot someone the side eye.
  6. Starbucks is always a good gift.
  7. I’ve always wanted a fur coat. My mom used to have one when I was younger and I wore it every chance I got. Living in ND is the only way I could justify having one so it’s now or never. This one is faux fur too!

Happy holidays! I hope you get everything you wish for.



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