My Holiday Wishes- Blogmas 6

wishI can’t believe Christmas is next week! (I’m still waiting on my cards Snapfish!) But today I wanted to share my wishes for Christmas.

I wish…

  • for acceptance. We are all different. If everyone was the same we wouldn’t have words like “special” or “quirky”. It would be like looking in a mirror every day. I also wish for acceptance of diet & lifestyle choices. Yes, being grain free is a choice I made but it was not for vanity or to be trendy. It was for health reasons and I can’t imagine going back so please stop offering me baked goods. (Mom)
  • people would smile more. It’s contagious, trust me.
  • people would chase their dreams. I can’t tell you how many great blogs and YouTube channels I’ve seen that people just stopped updating. I know jobs or family get in the way but you have to make time for the things you enjoy. You never know what opportunities may arise from following your dreams.
  • for understanding. I wish this mostly for me. Understanding why the people underneath me insist on blasting their music every day or why the grass fed meat section at my grocery store isn’t regularly stocked.
  • people would reach out. Remember that friend you haven’t talked to since highschool? Reconnect with her. Maybe she works at your dream company or has been having a tough time and you brightened her day. You’ll never know if you don’t reach out.
  • people would take a risk. Do something that challenges you. (Not just physically) I’ve been wanting to go on a yoga retreat or shave my head. I don’t think you’ll see me bald anytime soon (too cold) but if you know of any good retreats let me know!
  • people would love themselves. If you can’t love & accept yourself how do you expect other people to. Loving yourself makes it easier to ignore the haters. Throw on ya stunna shades and keep it moving.

I’m hoping to make some of these come true in 2015. What are your holiday wishes?



3 thoughts on “My Holiday Wishes- Blogmas 6

  1. These are great wishes. I wish for acceptance, too. I think it’s great you’ve chosen grain free to be healthier. I have thought of doing that as well to see if my energy levels go up. I feel like my blog has allowed me to fulfill my dreams and no matter how many times I get in a slump I say to myself ” too bad, keep going” haha 😀 It’s been both challenging and rewarding but mostly rewarding and I love it!! I wish you so much luck with your future endeavors! <33 Kristin

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