My Winter Wedding- Blogmas 3

IMG_8861I accidentally forgot to blog yesterday.(Not really because it was my wedding anniversary) I’ve been lucky enough that my husband has been home on both of our anniversaries. Not all military couples get that luxury. We didn’t do much. I worked in the morning then we went to my hunni’s favorite restaurant 10 North Main. (Owned by Josh Duhamel ) The food was great, per usual and I got my favorite dessert of life. Crème brulee. (If you haven’t tried it, do yourself the favor. So good.)

We were married in traditional military fashion. (The courthouse) I wore a white dress and birdcage veil. My flowers were from Walmart. I made my bouquet and my husband’s boutonnière. There was no one there to help me get ready and the only friend we had in attendance was 1 of our 2 witnesses. (The rest were working) I had remnants of nail polish on. We got married in the middle of the week on a snowy, windy, cold (10 degrees) day. But even after all of that I wouldn’t change it.

Sometimes with big weddings you get so wrapped up with friends, family, worrying about the reception, that you don’t get to enjoy the process of getting married. My husband helped me get dressed the morning of. I fastened his boutonnière. The one thing I’d strongly recommend is getting a photographer to capture all of those moments. You won’t regret it.I hope to have a big wedding one day complete with family and friends but until then I’m happy with the one I had.

Happy Holidays!



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