My Favorite Christmas Movie – Blogmas 2

grinchMy favorite Christmas movie is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, the original cartoon not the one with Jim Carrey. For some reason I find that one a little scary. The grinch’s teeth are all mangled like the branches of an olive tree. And The Who’s noses… they just freak me out. But I digress. I always watch the cartoon while I decorate the tree or directly after. It signifies, for me, that the Christmas season has started. I know for some people the tree is the symbol of Christmas but two years ago I couldn’t afford a tree and as a child I used to move around a lot so we didn’t always have a place to put one up.

I love this movie for a variety of reasons:

  1. Any guy who can take everything and only leave a crumb too small for a mouse needs to come and pack up my house. Moving sucks, especially when you’re military.
  2. The Who have awesome toys! I wish I had a jing tingler or flu flooper when I was growing up.
  3. The grinch is so crafty! Who can cut, sew together a santa suit, find a ramshackle sleigh and make a reindeer all in a few hours?  Sounds like some crazii Project Runway challenge. Tim Gunn would be proud.
  4. How could you not love Max? He puts all the toys in the sleigh and even tries to help it from sliding off Mt. Crumpet. That’s loyalty. He even allows the grinch to put a huge antler on his head.  And how cute is he riding in the sleigh?
  5. This movie breaks down the true meaning of Christmas in a way kids can understand. It’s not about the toys, the food, or relaxing in front of a warm fire. The grinch took all that away. On Christmas morning every Who awoke to an empty house but they were still grateful for what they did have. Each other.

* But I’ve always wondered… for someone who hates people, noise, and has a heart 2 sizes too small, how does the grinch have a dog? Why didn’t Max run away to Whoville? Thoughts?

What is your favorite Christmas/holiday movie? Leave a comment below.




3 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas Movie – Blogmas 2

  1. Oh my sweet goodness!
    I just watched that last night. lol
    Classic animated Christmas movies make my heart melt ❤ My favorite Christmas movie is The Year Without a Santa Claus. It's not the holidays until you've gotten your corny classic movie fix.

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