Christmas Hostess Gifts

giveHopefully everyone is out of their turkey coma by now. I arrived home last week just in time for Cyber Monday. (FYI jet lag and early morning online shopping don’t mix)  Did you find any great deals? Let me know in the comments.

While you’re out buying presents for friends, family, and coworkers (I know you didn’t buy all the gifts you need on Black Friday/Cyber Monday) pick up a hostess/host gift. Even if it’s just your mom. Christmas is a huge production and anyone who agrees to host it must have nerves of steel! Between the food, opening of gifts, judgmental relatives, screaming children (Whew! Anyone need a drink yet?) not to mention if everyone decides to stay the night.

So this year show your appreciation. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant and if you’re tight on cash (courtesy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday) it can always be free. Here are some ways to show your host/hostess how much you care:

  1. Time: volunteer to wash the mountain of dishes that accumulate after dinner, cook some of the side dishes, or entertain the kids before dinner is served (the last thing your hostess needs is little Timmy digging through cabinets and accidentally breaking the antique vase she brought back from Spain)
  2. Caffeine: give the gift of energy. Buy a cute coffee cup  and fill it with coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate packets
  3. Music: go old school and create a mix cd of Christmas songs to get everyone in the holiday spirit (not that the eggnog hasn’t done that already)
  4. Wine: bring something your hostess can enjoy after the festivities wind down and everyone has gone home. Or if you know things tend to get crazii, you may want to bring something stronger
  5. Food: if you have food allergies or don’t eat certain foods ie: meat or grains, offer to bring something you can eat. This will relieve the stress of worrying what to feed you and prevent you from getting stuck with a veggie tray…again.

The holidays are a joyous time meant to be spent with loved ones. Get a gift that allows your hostess to enjoy that time too.



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