My Weekly Workout Routine

bellsWe had our first snow in North Dakota last week. I was on my way to the gym when it happened. And let me tell you, driving in the dark, at 4:30am in blowing snow with limited visibility, it’s not the move. (I was gripping the steering wheel trying not to think about sliding off the road and plunging to my death into the icy lake on either side of the highway)  So it’s officially time to change my morning workout routine. Here is a snapshot of what I used to do:

Mon and Wed

  • 5am  Wake up, yoga or legs and abs plus a half hour of yoga
  • 6am Shower, cook breakfast, get dressed, pack snacks
  • 7am-5pm Work
  • 5pm-6pm Cook dinner
  • 6pm-10pm #Ambitionista chat, American Horror Story, laundry, read, watch some reality tv (depends on the day)

Tues and Thurs

  • 4am Wake up, make protein shake, get dressed
  • 4:30am Head to the gym
  • 5am Work out; I do weight lifting plus some cardio
  • 6-6:30 Drive home
  • 6:30-7:45 Do some ab work or a little yoga if I feel I didn’t work out enough at the gym, shower, get dressed, pack snacks
  • 8am-6pm Work
  • 6pm-8pm Make dinner, watch tv
  • 8-9 #fireworkpeople chat
  • 9-10 Light stretching before bed


  • 6:45am Wake Up
  • 6:45am-8am Shower make breakfast, get dressed
  • 8am-12pm Work (yes I only work half a day)
  • 12pm-1pm Eat lunch
  • 1pm-1:30pm Go to the gym
  • 1:30pm -3:30pm Total body workout plus cardio
  • 3:30pm-4pm Go home
  • 4pm  Collapse from exhaustion!

I am still going to try and go to the gym but only on the weekends. I’ve started working out in my living room alternating between yoga and total body routines. (I’ll share my favs in another post.) Although it’s nice not to get up at 4am anymore and I get an hour of my life back (the time it takes me to get to and from the gym) I’m struggling to find routines that really push me. I’m used to lifting weights so I’m worried I’ll lose all the progress I’ve made over the last few months.

Do you have any exercises or fitness routines you like? What are some of your go to moves? I’d love to hear about them.




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