Meet The Fosters

fosterI have fallen in love with the television show The Fosters. It’s like a tamer version of HBO’s Shameless but it’s just as powerful. To sum it up in one sentence: The Fosters is about a biracial lesbian couple raising a biological child and foster children. But it is so much more than that.

First I would like to commend the producers, writers, casting director, whomever on choosing two beautiful women, with long hair, to be a couple. It’s not very often you see that. Normally, when you hear the word “lesbian” people think of a woman with cropped hair that dresses in baggy t-shirts and loose fitting jeans. But the Fosters are feminine and I’ve seen a few outfits I’d like to borrow. One character is a little more masculine in some ways but not much.

The show also touches on some sensitive issues like that of racism within a race. One of the moms, Lena, is biracial. Her mother is black and her father is white. At her daughter’s birthday Lena’s mother had a conversation about culture which ended with Lena’s mother telling her she had it easier because of her light skinned complexion and that she will never know what it’s like to be a black woman in America. This really hit home for me because I am biracial.

Another issue was religion. One of the Foster’s sons wished to attended a Catholic church camp. Stephanie, the mother mom was worried that they were going to try and instill core values that they didn’t agree with (aka marriage is between a man and a woman). On a trip to her father’s house Stephanie found out he felt that way. Her own father believed that she threw her life away to be with a woman.

I’m only a few episodes in on Season 1 but it looks like they may be alluding to sexual violence coming up. I love that the show touches on these topics without solving them because it makes it more believable. These are things people struggle with every day.

I am so glad I found The Fosters on Netflix.  (I know I’m late to the party.) I look forward to their trials and tribulations. It may not be the traditional American family but that’s what makes them so much fun!

What are your favorite new shows for fall?



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