What’s In My Carry On?

graphicI’m traveling to Korea on Monday *squee* I’ll be gone for two weeks and I can hardly wait. It’s roughly 22 hours in total and I’ll have to get on 3 planes. *ugg* I took 3 planes to Georgia last month and it taught me a lot about packing.

Typically I take a rolling laptop bag/ briefcase and a large purse. Now this seems like it would work great but trying to slide my bag in and out of the seat in front of me 6 times … I just, I can’t. But on the plus side it was a great arm workout!  Since I’m taking 3 flights again and the last one is overnight I’ve decided to take a backpack instead but still carry my large purse. I thought a backpack would be better because I can just throw it on and it’s easier to fit underneath the seats. (I don’t use the overhead compartments because I’m too short to reach them.) It’s a very basic backpack with limited pockets so I’ll have to make sure all my electronics are properly protected.


After waffling on, here are the items I’m putting in my carry on!

I would be lost without a rechargeable battery. This one charges my phone and iPad. My phone never leaves my side and even though I may not be able to make calls when I’m in Korea, I’ll still use it as an alarm clock, calculator, notebook etc.



I can’t wait to read #GirlBoss! I’ve had to hide it so I don’t end up reading it before my trip. Middlesex I randomly found on my bookshelf. It is park of Oprah’s Book Club and everything I’ve read so far on her list has been good. Plus, I have a secret goal to read all of the books that are on the list. (nerdy much?)



KIND bars and almonds are good snack choices between meals. I actually eat GO Picnic as a meal replacement. If I don’t have time to eat at the airport or if they serve a meal on the plane that I don’t like these are a lifesaver. (Yes I label my snacks, no judgement.)


When traveling out of the country a passport is a must. If you don’t have one I urge you to get it. There are so many great places to explore! Also cheap but cute sunglasses. That way if they get lost or broken you won’t be too upset.


You may think I’m a freak but I hate getting up to use the airplane lavatory. It’s small and I don’t like the noise the toilet makes when you flush it. So I try to pack things that I can use from my seat. Colgate Wisp are great because I can brush my teeth without getting up. The same goes for Simple’s facial cleansing wipes. I especially love to use these after I wake up to wipe away the sleep dust from my eyes.


I rarely go anywhere without filling in my eyebrows or putting on mascara. I feel that it makes me look more pulled together. (Sorry about the blurry brow wiz, my camera was not cooperating.)


I take my laptop everywhere. Maybe one day I’ll be comfortable enough just bringing my iPad but not yet.


These woolly socks are amazing. I know some airlines give you socks but they are so thin and gross looking. I wear these not just on the plane but they work well if your  hotel is chilly too.


I wear a sleep mask when I’m at home so you better believe I take one when I travel. The little travel pack I’ve had forever. It has a toothbrush, toothpaste, mirror and ear plugs. Don’t worry I replace all the products.


I know this seems like a lot but I’ve tested everything and it all fits in my backpack. I’ll let you know how it all works out. I’ll also be pre-scheduling some blog posts while I’m away.

What are some items you keep in your carry on? You can share them with me on Twitter and Instagram @step_onmyknee or leave a comment below.

*I wrote a similar version of this post on RachMariePr’s blog. She’s amazing, you should check her out.



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