Perfecting My Practice

bow     I have been doing yoga off and on for about 7 years. As a former dancer I loved that it increased my flexibility but I found the more I did it, it provided something deeper. Yoga is a very singular activity. You focus on your breathing and only push yourself as far as you feel comfortable. That is why people refer to it as a practice, because you are constantly learning. The more you practice the more you learn about your body. At the beginning of each class, one of my previous instructors would have us envision a box. After we imagined what our box looked like we would put all of our thoughts into that box. This was the only exercise that could actually clear my mind. Instead, I’d focus on my breathing and any time an outside thought creeped into my mind I’d put it in the box. (I do this even when I’m not going yoga.) As someone who’s not overly religious yoga is a spiritual experience. For me, there is something powerful about the tree pose or warrior 2. Call me crazii but that’s why I love yoga. It’s exercise and experience all in one! Any yogis out there who have a favorite pose? Leave a comment below and I’ll try it out! sign


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