Internship Inspiration- Betsy Johnson

Hi Guys!

Just a quick disclaimer: A lot of these internships that will be featured I found on Crosby Noricks site PR Couture. They were so inspiring to me I felt I had to share them with you even though the people featured may not longer be doing the internship. You can always learn from other people’s works and by highlighting these opportunities I hope to inspire you to go after your dream whatever that may be. I always link back to the original post as well in case you’d like to read more in depth about the internship.



A former intern for Betsy Johnson Fashion PR.

Brianna got the coveted position through her internship center at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She was responsible for keeping track of samples and assisting her supervisor with sample requests whether it be for a celebrity, magazine or special event.


She also had a hand in what Selena Gomez wore to the 2012 European Music Awards (eek!!)


According to Brianna, the challenges were that “The PR department ends up with responsibility in almost every project the company does.”

Brianna has since graduated and now works for Kaplow PR.


To find out more about Brianna’s internship check out PR Couture.


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