Pajama Predicament

there is nothing better than coming home after work, showering, and curling up in your pjs. Unfortunately for me I have the hardest time finding pajamas! Usually I buy men’s pajama pants because they are loose and have pockets. Then I don’t have a matching top so I end up in an oversize t-shirt. I used to have one with a chicken on it and “Big Peckers” on the back. Class all the way.

So I have decided now is the time to update my pajama collection. I’d like to look somewhat put together even if I am sleeping. My requirements are as follows: soft, not too much material, must have matching bottoms, quality material. That’s not asking too much right?!

I stumbled across these the other day



They are great! I do wish they had pockets but I can live without that. They are by Soma and the material is as soft as a cloud. It feels worn in like a favorite shirt. The v neck makes it a little sexiier as well. I am very excited with this purchase and can’t wait to go back for another set.



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