Birthday Boy

Tomorrow is my Hunni’s birthday. He is not big on celebrations but I love to make a fuss. Any excuse to buy presents and cute wrapping paper.  We won’t be able to celebrate together this year due to  unforeseen family circumstances. (He has to fly to Atlanta for a funeral.)


I’ve always been funny about celebrating a birthday once the day has past. I’m not really sure why, I just feel that once it’s over…it’s over. So to combat that I thought we could celebrate at midnight before he flies out. That way it is his birthday.


*How cute is this wrapping paper from Target

His gift is something he’s been asking for for months! So I finally gave in and bought  it for him. Since I don’t know if he’s going to open it tomorrow or wait until he comes back from him trip I’ll tell you what it is.

A juicer.

He wants to start making his own orange juice and veggie juice. Just imagine that episode of The Cosby Show and you’ll get the picture. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

I hope you had a lovely day.





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