30 Day Snap | Day 30

I can’t believe the 30 Day Snap is almost over. *There are 31 days in July so one more day left.*

cupcakeToday was a coworkers birthday. We usually celebrate with doughnuts but this time we decided to mix it up with cupcakes and brownies. Yum! One of things I do like at my job is that we like to celebrate milestones. Not just birthdays but people graduating college, getting married, or even getting their driver’s license.  I think acknowledging these accomplishments are important , not just to celebrate the person but to show the support and recognition from others.

Another celebration that will be taking place today is my Hunni’s 1 year of being a vegetarian. Oddly enough it wasn’t that difficult for him to give up meat. He did have a few sad moments when he wished for a burger but that quickly faded. I’m very proud of how he stuck to something he believed in even when his wife was chowing down on a hot dog topped with pulled pork.  I hope one day to have enough will power, strength, and courage to stick to something I feel passionately about.

What are some things in your life worth celebrating?




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