30 Day Snap | Day 24 & 25

Welcome to the 30 Day Snap! If you’d like to know more just click the button below.


I may also post the photos on Instagram so you can follow me there as well @step_onmyknee.

Once again I failed to post yesterday, naughty Stephanie, but I was out until half eleven so it would have been today before my post showed up anyway.

I hope all of you have had a wonderful week. I can’t wait for tomorrow, I’ve got some pretty exciting things happening over the weekend.


Scotty McCreary

This is where I was yesterday. At a free Scotty McCreary concert on base. It was great! I never thought that deep voice would come out  of a 19 year old with a baby face. He is the one on the left with the green shirt.


Today I spent the evening with a friend. We chatted while her husband cooked dinner and watched The Lone Ranger with Helena Bonham Carter (she’s on the screen) and Johnny Depp.

I’m about to crawl in bed so I get a few hours of sleep before work. Goodnight!



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