30 Day Snap | Day 19

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I know I didn’t do a post yesterday *sad face* But I was at the fair and by the time I got home it was today already. So to make up for that I’m showing a few photos from the fair.

When I went with a friend initially it had been raining for a little while but we thought the storm had passed. Sadly for us that was not the case. We made it inside the gate then the rain and the wind came down. We were huddled inside an exhibit for about half an hour before we decided to run across the street from the fair to get something to eat and wait out the storm. Afterwards we were able to go back and this is when I took these pictures.

go round stand porkchop

I’d been looking forward to going to this stand all afternoon. I know its probably dipped in grease and fried in grease but I really wanted a pork chop on a stick. My husband was horrified when I told him but I just had to have one. Due to the storm I never did one so this will be my first stop when we go back.


This fair is geared more around farming and livestock so they had warehouses full of animals where farmers could show them off. We got there late so all the sheep had their blankets on and a lot of them were sleeping.



This pig was just too cute! He was fast asleep when we saw him but his nose was was just twitching away.* I feel like twitching isn’t the word but what is the movement pig’s noses make?

Quick side not: None of those pictures are edited or photoshopped in any way except the pig one. I wanted you to see how dark the sky really was.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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