Euro Trip

I know I know. I’m finally posting pictures of my trip to Europe. It’s only been…4 weeks, sorry guys!

My Hunni and I have family overseas so when we found out his younger brother was graduating college the same day as my father-in-laws and my birthday, and our 6 month wedding anniversary was during that time it was crazii not to go. It was a special time for everyone.

We ended up visiting Germany, Switzerland, and England during our 2 week trip. 
IMG_3889 IMG_3890


Downtown Germany


Vineyard overlooking downtown


baby grapes

IMG_3952We drove to Zurich,Switzerland for a few days. It’s a beautiful city.


Sharing a drink with my Hunni and people watching


IMG_4031 usIMG_3993

This is one of my favorite advertisements. That’s the PR girl coming out in me. Only I would be halfway around the world surrounded by good food beautiful architecture and be thinking about marketing.


This is a picture of a postcard we picked up. I like that it captures, much better than I could, the whole downtown area as well as the Swiss Alps.




Restaurant in the Black Forest


Grabbing a quick drink before our flight



We had a brief layover in Paris and all I had time to get were these macaroons. They were more than 3 euros each!

IMG_4065Our trip was exhausting but totally worth it. My Hunni got to meet a different side of my family and we made a lot of memories that we will always cherish.



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