30 Day Snap | Day 12

Welcome to the 30 Day Snap! If you’d like to know what it’s all about click the button below.


I may also post the photos on Instagram so you can follow me there as well @step_onmyknee.

I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday.I had an uneventful day. I worked all day and there was a thunderstorm. Since you’ve already seen a picture of my desk and outside I decided rather than be redundant I’d just not take a photo.
I decided to treat my lips today. I’ve been wanting to try E.L.F’s lip scrub for a while. My lips tend to get dry and start peeling especially in the winter time. If I don’t have chapstick handy I just chew on my lips which causes them to split or get really raw. Cute I know, not! So when I heard about this product I was so excited. I love that it looks like a lipstick because it cuts down on the mess and its so moisturizing! There are at least 2 different kinds of oil in there.When I’m done my lips feel really smooth and it makes my lip butters and lipsticks go on smoother.

I bought the Revlon Just Bitten kissable balm stain because of my husband. I had on lipstick one day, kissed him and of course he ended up with lip prints on his face. Now he refuses to kiss me when I wear lipstick *sad face* But these balm stains are great! They stain your lips so there is no transfer onto your cups, straws or husband. This is very moisturizing as well.

I’m wearing the color cherish 015.
I hope you have a great weekend!



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