30 Day Snap | Day 9

Welcome to the 30 Day Snap! If you’d like to know what it’s all about click the button below.


I may also post the photos on Instagram so you can follow me there as well @step_onmyknee.


McDonalds McFlurry

I have an unhealthy addiction to McDonalds french fries. If I’m not feeling well or just having a bad day it’s my go to food. Today was a particularly mundane day at work and I needed a little pick me up so along with my order of fries I decided to try a McFlurry. I haven’t had one of these in YEARS! The last time I had one I was in England and they had more candy pieces to choose from. Today I decided to go with Oreos. It was better than I remember. The soft serve was perfect with the crunchy Oreos. It reminded me a little of the blizzards at Dairy Queen.

What are some of your pick me ups?


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