Fun in Fargo




*Sorry this post is so late :/

Memorial Day weekend my Hunni and I took a last minute trip to Fargo. We hardly ever get the same amount of time off from our jobs so it was wonderful to be able to spend some time together. Downtown Fargo reminds me a lot of downtown Athens in Georgia. Mostly because there are painted buffaloes on every corner. In Georgia they are bulldogs (a very popular football team in case you didn’t know). The locals also have a hipster/punk rock vibe which I really like.

buffalo2 tigerbuffalo


I call these street lamp koozies. I’m not sure why they’re there but you can find them all over down town.


These are some of the cutest wine bottle openers I’ve ever seen.


The Fargo theater (built in 1926) where you can see a movie for under $10. It’s beautiful on the inside.




This is a toy the wolves used to play with when they were little. Apparently it’s the only one they didn’t destroy.roachesRoaches make my skin crawl but I had to share this photo with you. Notice how the display is modeled after a kitchen with a toaster and salt n’ pepper shaker. I don’t know whether to laugh or be disgusted.


Overall I really liked our mini getaway to Fargo. The restaurants stayed open until 2am and you could walk to everything. It seemed miles away from our tiny town. I often found myself  saying “If we lived here” or “If you got stationed here”.  I can’t wait until we go back!


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