Survival Kit


My friend/coworker is having radioactive iodine therapy done tomorrow. It sounds really scary to me but she’ll only be in the hospital for a few hours. We joked at work saying that she could replace our microwave and heat up our frozen dinners haha. After the treatment she has some pretty strict rules to follow: no contact with anyone for 3 days, all dishes, clothes etc. have to be washed separately, and after being quarantined she has to keep nine feet away from people for over a week! This is going to be difficult for her because she has young children, so I decided to give her a gift to take her mind off of everything. I’ve called it the Radiation Survival Kit. You can customize it to match any occasion: Christmas, pregnancy, new job etc. The thing I love most is that it can be made with things you have lying around the house. All those little bits and pieces you’ve seemed to randomly collect. The only thing I purchased was the bag.
survival kit

These are a few of the items I included but I’ve broken it down so you can see it piece by piece. Also, at the last minute I decided to take the pushpin out but that was after I’d already taken these photos. Oops sorry guys!penny gum balloon trash bag gift

listThis is the list I included in the bag:

Radiation Survival Kit

A pack of gum: to remind you to stick to it
A rubber band: to keep you bouncing back and flexible
A paper clip: to hold everything together when it falls apart
A cotton ball: to help soften the rough roads
A battery: so you can keep going and going and going and going
A trash bag: to throw away all the negatives, grudges, frustrations, and keep the good thoughts
A penny: so you’ll have enough cents to realize you’re a valuable asset to your friends & family
A Band-Aid: for when things get a little rough
A balloon: to remind you not to blow up
A spoon: sometimes you have to stir things up a bit
A tea bag: take a few minutes to yourself and relax
A nail file: to smooth out the rough edges
A candle: to remind you there is a light at the end of the tunnel
A piece of string: for when you reach the end of your rope
Hershey’s Hugs: sometimes we all need a hug
A Bag: To help you keep it all together

I hope you all have a great weekend!




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