Minimal Makeup

I’ve never really been one for makeup. When I was younger I used to touch my face a lot so I’d end up with eye shadow smeared across my face. For my senior prom I only wore eyeliner. But I’m slowly branching out and I’m happy to report I’ve now added mascara, tinted moisturizer  and blush to my daily makeup routine. Recently I watched a video by Sprinkle of Glitter and Zoella (both amazing beauty bloggers) where they talked about Revlon lip butters. The colors were so vibrant I immediately went out and bought 3 of them. Oops!! I also picked up a few other items. Below are some of the beauty products I love and use daily.

IMG_3803 eyeliner.jpg lashes brush.jpgI love this applicatorLOreal.jpg BodyButter.jpg moi.jpg

What’s  included in your daily make-up regiment?



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