Waiting for Winter to End

I can’t believe it’s the second week in April, it’s only 35 degrees and we are expecting a snowstorm this weekend. Really…a snowstorm?!  Nevertheless, in order to survive this kind of weather you need a few key pieces (I know for most of you this post will be irrelevant because you are already in shorts and sundresses, lucky!)

1. Cuddl Duds= I know it’s a funny name but when you have wind whipping past you at 20mph you won’t care what it’s called as long as it keeps you warm. They come in a variety of colors, prints, and lengths. The packet says you can wear them by themselves as leggings etc. but I wouldn’t recommend it because they are very sheer.


white shirtcuddlededpants.jpg


2. Gloves= I always have 2 pairs of gloves in my bag. One pair converts into fingerless gloves which makes it easier to drive when I have them on and the other pair are those texting gloves which I like to use with my cell phone or when I’m using my camera.

IMG_3728IMG_37223. Scarf= This has now become a necessity. I never go anywhere without it. I chose a wide one that was relatively long so I could wrap it around my neck. It also matches the color of my coat so I  look somewhat put together.

green scarf

4. Socks= Thick socks are a must! No matter how much I’m bundled up if my feet are cold so is the rest of my body. Winter socks can still be fashionable. I wear mine over leggings or scrunched down just above the tops of my boots. socks


5. Ear warmers= These are great because you can still put up the hood up on your coat and keep your ears warm. I wear it at work sometimes too. I just push it up higher on my head so it looks like a woolly headband 🙂

ear warmersHopefully next winter you can look back on this post but in the meantime think of me while your out enjoying the Spring weather.



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