Tick Tock

I have a love hate relationship with daylight savings time. It’s great when the clocks go back an hour. You get to sleep an hour longer, when you get up the sun is shining, and it is a little warmer. But when you loose an hour it’s like time slows down. Once again the world becomes dark and you have to drag yourself out of bed.
To help make getting up a little easier I’ve compiled a list of alarm clocks that are fashionable and functional.

clocks1.The sheep sing and dance to a song while waking you up. They also talk! Find this clock here.

2. This clock is great for the math whiz in your life. To turn the alarm off it requires you to solve a brain teaser. Find this clock here.

3. This clock is adorable! When the alarm goes off, it starts crowing and five tiny eggs are released into a basket. To get the noise to stop, you have to deposit the eggs back into the clock. Find this clock here.

4. I loved the Mr. Men and Little Miss books as a child so this alarm clock brings back a lot of fond memories. As soon as the alarm goes off you pick up Mr. Bump and throw him against the wall. This may not be the most practical but it would be something great to have on display. Find this clock here.



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