Fashion Fridays – Installment 5

This week is another list from the amazing Kelly Cutrone. It is also from her book “If You Have To Cry, Go Outside.”

You’ve got your degree, picked the perfect outfit for the interview, had the interview, got the job, and now you must dress for the job.

The Empowered Girls’ Guide to Dressing For Work


1. No wife-beaters

2. No cleavage

3. No belly buttons

4. No muffin-top

5. No stilettos or heels over three inches

6. No flip flops

7. No gold – lame

8. Absolutely no corduroy

9.  No belly piercings, eyebrow rings, facial piercings, or any other piercings that don’t involve an ear

10. Nothing obviously more expensive than what your boss wears

11. No Christian Audigier or Ed Hardy, which are forever banned from fashionable workplaces everywhere

12. No skipping the bra, even if you think you don’t need one

13.  No cross-dressing

Some of these rules apply specifically to the fashion world i.e. number 13. I’m also on the fence about number 10 but in the world of fashion that may apply.

This concludes the first set of installments of Fashion Fridays. What do you think? Are there any subjects you’d like to see me talk about?


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