Winter Woes

This weekend we were supposed to have a blizzard. Turns out it never happened but we still got about 8 inches of snow and the temperature dropped significantly.  One night it was -30 degrees! That was almost enough for this Georgia peach to think about moving home. But I stuck it out and I am now experiencing a real North Dakota winter.


The view from my deck.



6My car Monday morning before I went to work.  This was after I had the engine running for 20 minutes.

5All the layers from the different times it snowed.

2Snow is covering the bottom of the door. Someone had to clear it before we could get it open.

3Look how deep the snow is on my back deck.

7The snow is frozen to the outside of my car door, even after I let the window down.

4The corner of my bedroom window. It’s frozen from the inside!

I’ve gotten used to dashing outside fifteen minutes before I have to leave to start my car and wearing multiple layers. Up here they call it a heat wave when it gets to 25 degrees (yikes!)  Has anyone else experience weather like this?



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