Deep-Fried Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Every year my family gathers together in Georgia to celebrate this “forgotten” holiday. (Everyone knows its over shadowed by Christmas) The women all gather in the kitchen to cook the mac n cheese,collard greens, candied yams etc and my father goes outside to fry the turkey.  Ever since we fried our first turkey a few years ago it’s been the star of our meal.  This post is dedicated to all those people who want to fry turkeys but never knew how.

First you will need:

  • marinade (optional)
  •  oil (peanut, corn, or canola) about 5 gallons
  • turkey frying kit or 40 or 60 quart pot with basket or turkey frying hardware
  • thermometer made for deep-frying (or candy thermometer)
  • small turkey, 16pounds or less

First you’ll want to remove the neck and giblets from the turkey and wash it. Then if you choose to do a marinade (my family uses Cajun.)

Pour it in a shallow bowl and fill up your injector. I’ve heard other people do a spice rub on the outside as well, my dad just mixes in the spices with the marinade. Of course the seasning needs to be small enough to get through the needle. This time we used

but after all of that is done you want to start injecting the bird. Be especially careful when injecting the breast so you dont poke the needle all the way down into the cavity. You’ll want to inject the bird from all different directions as well. It should look like this but hopefully less messy lol

My dad likes to let the bird sit while he sets ups the fryer but this part is totally optional. Lucky for us we had the turkey frying kit.Some people like to wrap the cord that attaches the gas to the burner, in aluminum foil. This will prevent a fire incase oil spills on it.

You need to let the oil get between 315 and 325 degrees. It only takes about 3 minutes per pound to cook a turkey.

Gently lower the bird into the oil. My dad likes to pat the bird dry to remove any excess oil but if you put it in slow enough that shouldn’t matter.

 Then just wait until the bird is done, it takes about 50 minutes. When it’s done the bird will look like this.

Yes it looks burnt but it’s really not. And the meat on the inside is fine. We like to place our turkey on a pan lined with paper towels to drain off any excess oil.  I hope this has helped in your turkey frying endeavors, you can also go to this website for more in-depth directions. And here is a website to get rid of all that oil once you’re done cooking the turkey. Happy Frying!!


2 thoughts on “Deep-Fried Thanksgiving

  1. Drapeto says:

    How much of a fatty am I?! Scrolled past the Quake vids and decided not to comment on the smart car post, but I saw deep-fried turkey and had to jump all over this post. I’ve never see the process. That play-by-play was well executed.

    Now to find some…

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